#107 Model How You Want Your People to Show Up with Becky Mollenkamp

#107 Model How You Want Your People to Show Up with Becky Mollenkamp

We’re in an age when people are starting to lose trust with business coaches who are too polished and not sharing the real, messy side of themselves.

In this episode of Unforgettable, Becky Mollenkamp and I have a honest conversation on why sharing raw moments (like your miscarriage, divorce, or losing your house) with your community connects them to you more deeply.

Becky does a great job modeling what it looks like to continue showing up for business despite setbacks, gremlins, or life circumstances.

And consequently, she gets repeat clients who buy everything she sells, referrals that bring new people into her community, and she has an incredibly active, engaged facebook group who share REAL things, not just promoting things they’re doing in their business. Listen in!

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Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How Becky went live in her fb group during a dark, emotional moment and why that made her people trust her more
  • How she created an engaged fb group without a formula, instead based on modeling how she wanted them to show up
  • Why she still sells a course that’s not part of what she does today, and why that’s okay
  • How to put on the training wheels when starting to share honestly with your people
  • Why the first question she asks herself when deciding what to share on Instagram and Facebook is: “Does this align with my values?”

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