#171 [New Series] Messaging For a More Just World

#171 [New Series] Messaging For a More Just World

Here we are, at the first episode of Speaking to What Matters: Conversations on Messaging for a More Just World

It’s my hope that this series of informal, real conversations with social justice leaders brings you at least one shift, aha moment, or breakthrough in how you want to show up. 

Here’s where we’ll be going & who we’ll be learning from:

  • [171] Messaging For a More Just World
  • [172] Being an Imperfect AllyWhen You’re a Sensitive Soul with Erica Courdae 
  • [173] Evolving Your Work to Have a Social Justice Lens with Cher Hale
  • [174 Feminist Marketing & Copy that Doesn’t Oppress with Kelly Diels
  • [175] Is My Niche Excluding Marginalized People? With Trudi Lebron 
  • [176]CIS- & Hetero-Normativity in Our Leadership with Tamala Poljak
  • [177] Speaking About Issues Without Co-Opting Them to “Sell” with Nisha Moodley
  • [178] What I Learned From 6 Social Justice Leaders About Messaging

Today’s episode is our starting place, setting the foundation to lean into this series. 

In all honesty, I sat for a while with whether to share my personal experiences of privilege and fragility. (Think sleepless nights debating whether to re-record this episode.)

I don’t want to center my own experience. 

But I also want to bring awareness to the layers of blindness we have when we posess dominant identities – white, CIS, hetero, able-bodied, medium-sized, middle class, youthful-looking. 

Because most of us have at least one dominant identity which means most of us have certain, often invisible (to us), privileges that go along with that identity. 

Even as well-meaning folks. 

I want to normalize the feelings of discomfort that go along with this so that we can begin to TURN TOWARDS them rather than hiding from them and staying silent. 

So I left this episode as-is. An imperfect, messy, honest, quick chat with you before diving into conversations with six smart, insightful leaders. (Starting tomorrow!) Part personal, part inspirational.  

Listen in.

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If there was one shift or breakthrough you’d want to take away from this series, what would it be? Let me know in the comments over on Instagram.


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