#99 [Message Clarity Coaching] Missing Clients Because You’re Unclear

#99 [Message Clarity Coaching] Missing Clients Because You’re Unclear

Lisa was a yoga instructor turned health coach who felt like she was missing clients because she wasn’t clear on how best to deliver her message.

She was struggling with her niche because she wanted to be all things to all people, and she was scared that she wouldn’t have any clients if she was too specific.

… And she knew she couldn’t get the clients she wants and needs if she couldn’t communicate effectively about what she does.

In this ep of the Unforgettable Podcast, I’m taking you inside REAL message clarity coaching I did with her.

You’ll likely see some of yourself in Lisa, and I almost guarantee if you’ve been struggling with this, you’ll have an aha moment or two.

This is the type of personalized support I give my clients — and if you’ve been thinking of joining us in the October round of Get Clear, Get Clients, it’ll give you a taste of what’s in store. 😉

Within days of this coaching session, she was confidently using what you’ll hear us come up with in a meeting with a referral partner.

Listen in below.

Deeper support from me:

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