#69 Make Money Without Launching with Kathleen Ventura

#69 Make Money Without Launching with Kathleen Ventura

When Kathleen Ventura felt the heart-tug to pivot her niche, she had a moment of brand identity crisis.

Her old niche: helping people start businesses. Her new one: helping more advanced entrepreneurs build conscious brands.

For anyone else this might have been daunting – she had already built up a sizeable audience, Facebook group, and list around the old niche and target market.

Would she have to start over building this new evolution of her brand?

Where would her new clients come from?

Having been through this when I pivoted from Feed Your Hustle to Unforgettable, boy do I GET it.

But because Kathleen had built the previous incarnation of her business around real relationships, she didn’t have to build from scratch finding clients, nor did she have to rely on time-intensive launches.

Listen to my interview with Kathleen to find out how you can make money in your business by the genuine connections you nurture rather than big, flashy launches.

(Warning… you’ll probably fall in love with Kathleen like I did – she’s a super-fun, bubbly person who is all about living intentionally.)


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why she knew it was time to pivot her niche and her best advice for others going through a brand identity crisis
  • How she creates offerings her people want to pay for
  • Where she got clients without starting from scratch when she pivoted her niche
  • What she’s learned about growing your business from real online relationships and creating Facebook groups that lead to clients

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P.S. Next episode I’ll help you bust through the fear of charging money for your work so you can raise your rates and charge what you’re worth.

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