5 Lifestyle Changes that Healed My Adult Acne

5 Lifestyle Changes that Healed My Adult Acne

It’s been almost 2 years since I posted my original acne article, and I have people asking for an update all the time so here it is!

I know how deeply acne can affect your social life, your confidence, and your self-image, and though sharing my before and after pictures in THIS blog post was hard, it struck a chord in many people just like you.

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I used to think that acne was my destiny, felt like a victim around it. When I was a teenager, I thought it would go away in my early twenties. When I hit 29 and it had fully transitioned into adult hormonal acne, I thought I’d have it forever (with no lack of trying).

Acne was a part of my identity – like a dieter who still sees herself in the mirror as fat, my inner picture of myself has pimples.

It all came to a head two years ago when I was eating an ultra low fat, 80-10-10 diet and had one of my worst flare ups ever. Simply adding some fat from avocado every day helped with the inflammation, but I still had a long journey ahead of me.

Two years later, my skin is the best it has ever been – supple, glowing even, with only rare breakouts. I get compliments all the time from friends and family who have known me (and my skin) for awhile.

Below is a photo of me laying it all out there with my naked face as it looks right now – no makeup, no touchups. I’m even showing you my bad side. This is hard for me to post so I hope it helps!

Adria acne healing 12 2014

You’ll understand what a big deal this is if you look at my past acne pics from just 18 months ago.

You can see I’m still working on healing my hyperpigmentation and old acne scarring (a process that takes time as old skin cells turn over), but overall, my skin is actually almost completely clear. When I put on a good foundation, people can’t even tell I have acne unless they look closely (I use Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation which does have beeswax if you’re a strict vegan).

Acne is soooo tricky and so many factors have contributed to my skin clearing up.

However, I want to list the major ones below in hope that it will help and inspire you. Your route to clear skin might be different from mine, but I want you to know that, however unlikely it feels, it IS possible. 

And, just so you know, if you purchase through a few of these links I’ll earn a few cents, but I only share resources that have helped me and I completely believe in.

5 Lifestyle Changes that Helped Clear My Adult Hormonal Acne

  1. I followed a guideline that’s worked for others

    I trust the guidance of Fran from High on Clear Skin – she’s my go-to lady for hormonal acne. I followed most of the directions she laid out in her book “How to Heal from Acne Naturally: For Adult Women.”

  2. I took Estroblock for two months

    One of the major suggestions from Fran’s book – please refer to her directions as this is not my area of expertise (you can also find a lot of info on her website). It’s a natural, broccoli-based supplement that helps your body detox bad estrogens that have built up over time which in turn helps balance your hormones.

  3. I began to relax my strict health “rules” and practice balance not perfection.

    Along with this, I gained 10 pounds of bodyfat – and was okay with it. Please don’t overlook the importance of being gentle with yourself. My skin was at it’s worst when I was the most controlling over my body – I was eating a strict raw food diet and exercising 7 hours a week (including a year of regular Bikram yoga which is supposed to be good for your skin!)

  4. I continued to eat a primarily whole foods plant-based diet packed with tons of veggies.

    In addition, I eat legumes, whole fats (avocado, seeds, or nuts), hempseed for Omega 3, and a green smoothie every day. I wouldn’t call myself a raw foodie anymore – the portion of raw food in my diet varies throughout the year and right now during the winter is probably closer to 50% or even below.

  5. I ditched commercial skin care and streamlined my skincare routine.

    I now simply wash my face with jojoba oil or raw honey (try finding one from local, ethical sources) and exfoliate a few times a week with a mask of rhassoul clay mixed with ground nutmeg. That’s it.

This is huge for me, and every time I look in the mirror I feel grateful.

Something that took me a long time to realize is that, for those of us who are acne-prone, acne is a signal that there’s something off internally. In other people, it may show up as poor digestion or a bad heart.

My skin will let me know quickly when I’m out of internal balance. And maybe that’s a GOOD thing.

Essentially what I’ve been doing is balancing out my hormones, and my period has become regular for the most part (from someone who missed it for 6 months at a time before).

It gives me peace of mind to know that everything is falling back in working order. And I hope this article gives you peace of mind and hope also.

Wishing you clear skin and tons of self-love,

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  1. Rosuo O says:

    Hello Adria!
    I wanted to get your thoughts regarding gluten. What is your opinion on the gluten free dad that is becoming increasingly popular.
    I do understand that the majority of wheat grown in the US is heavily modified. What can you say about wheat grown in other countries that offer rigid standards and guild lines, especially if it’s organic?
    Do you now eat it while comin away from an all raw diet, and if so how is your body handling it?
    Secondly, is there a connection between gluten and hormonal adult acne?

    Thank you so much!

  2. April says:

    Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing your story and insights. Normally I don’t care about my acne, but as a professional (college/high school teacher) who doesn’t like wearing make up for comfort & cost reasons — having adult acne is really embarrassing and difficult to deal with.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this blog! I would love to find out more about you’ve regulated your hormones, as my periods are terribly irregular, and it’s driving me insane!! Tia x

  4. Janine says:

    You are beautiful! Thanks for generously sharing your story. I’m feeling very inspired to check out my hormone levels and figure out what is going on in this body!

  5. Fuzball says:

    I used to have bad acne as an adult. Cutting out dairy and using raw honey and brown sugar to sweeten (instead of white sugar) helped loads. I eat more greens now and drink more chamomile tea (Tazo blend) and restrict my coffee intake to one a day. I used to do a face mask of raw honey and turmeric, but now because honey is expensive I do affected areas only. Alcohol free witch hazel toner has also helped decrease the acne. If I have to cook with oil, I use coconut instead of vegetable oil. No deep fried things. It’s true that some people eat all sorts of junk and never break out but I doubt their health is all that good.

  6. Fuzball says:

    Upping my protein intake (fish, hemp, natto, oatmeal, brown rice, and peanut butter) has also helped clear my skin. But for some reason, vegan protein powder seems to break me out and I’m scared to try whey based protein. I’m looking for a high quality omega 3 supplement now to further combat acne, but my skin has improved a lot. I am thinking of quitting using cleanser and just use honey turmeric paste to wash.

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for this and for posting the pictures. (PS The first thing I noticed in all your photos is your radiant smile!)

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