#96 Find Your Voice, Own Your True Message, Grow Your Tribe with Jadah Sellner

#96 Find Your Voice, Own Your True Message, Grow Your Tribe with Jadah Sellner

What does it REALLY take to find your true message and authentic voice so you can call in your people while being genuine and feeling lit up?

In this week’s episode of the Unforgettable Podcast, I chat with Jadah Sellner, a dear friend and mentor.

As co-owner of Simple Green Smoothies, Jadah built a community of 355,000 email subscribers and 415,000 Instagram followers.

But she couldn’t ignore her calling to share a different message so she did the hard thing and sold her half of the business to set a new mission: help 1,000 women each impact 1,000 people.

Listen to hear all about what it meant for her to find her voice and show up as herself, hone in on the message calling to be birthed, and grow two very different movements & businesses, all while leading with love:


  • Get Clear, Get Clients, my signature group program I run twice a year, starts in October! It’s for you if you’re a woman coach who’s ready to build the marketing & messaging foundation that lets you attract clients instead of constantly chasing them. Limited to 10 women.

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • Why your true message may already be something you’re sharing… even if you need help pulling the clarity out of you (and why it’s okay to evolve)
  • The reason not saying “I’m not passionate about green smoothies” held her back from expressing her voice authentically (and how she moved through the discomfort to say it anyways)
  • Your first steps to making your tribe feel like insiders and part of something so you can grow your community.

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