#175 Is My Niche Excluding Marginalized People? with Trudi Lebron

#175 Is My Niche Excluding Marginalized People? with Trudi Lebron

Today we hear from Trudi Lebron, a sought-after DEI Consultant whose goals are to:

  • Bring more Black, brown, indigenous, latinx folks and other people of color into the coaching industry, both as practitioners AND participants
  • Help white coaches create more diversity, equity and safer spaces to bring BIPOC folks into

With a Masters (and PhD-in-progress) in Social Psychology and experience as a bi-racial teen mom on welfare who worked her way up in the non-profit sector while building her own business, she has a unique perspective on using our businesses for social good. 

And she’s seen some of the biggest mistakes well-intentioned people make in the coaching industry. 

In this conversation, we dive deep into the nuances of crafting messaging that speaks to your people AND values, and the difference between being a leader for equity online and the actual coaching container you can safely hold.

Listen in.

Trudi and I talk about

  • How niching down can create safety…and why radical inclusivity in your space can actually be harmful
  • Why “Is this true?” is a far more helpful question to ask than “Is this okay?” when it comes to talking about who your work is for
  • What it looks like to have a values-based business – and some of it might feel counter-intuitive
  • The first steps to get to equity and inclusivity (because it doesn’t start with messaging)
  • Why we need to be super honest about who we are including into our spaces…and who we’re NOT
  • What it means when 95% of your clients look just like you…and how to find the people at the margins of your niche

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