If You Dread Mondays, Energize Your Workweek with this Challenge

If You Dread Mondays, Energize Your Workweek with this Challenge

How do you REALLY feel about your workweek? Be honest, does it need a shot of energy and positivity? (I hear ya!)

Maybe you dread Monday mornings, are dragging yourself through afternoon carpools, or are banging your head against the wall running a business or job searching.

Whatever it is, you’re not totally happy with where you are, but you’re not sure what to do differently. And making a big change feels overwhelming.

But what if there were SMALL, concrete steps you could take to have a better Monday through Friday?

Luckily there are, and I’ve got the inside scoop ; )

Join me and Alison Cardy as we present the free Energize Your Workweek Challenge! (whoop whoop!!)

Starting January 19, 2015, this is a weeklong push to show you how to rev up the satisfaction, productivity, and wellness in your daily life.

By participating in the challenge, you’ll hear 24 surprisingly doable tips (many of which take less than 5 minutes to complete) from a variety of experts that will help you to take your workweek to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll learn (including during my own 20-minute interview released next Wednesday!):​

  • A day-to-day system you can use to make meal prep a snap
  • A no cost treat you can give yourself that will positively impact your whole day
  • A fun and easy way to take the pain out of planning an effective workweek (you’re gonna love this!)
  • A simple addition to your work space that will make a huge difference
  • A 60-second morning exercise to transform your day + boost your productivity

My favorite part is that it’s in audio format – it’s no secret that I LOVE multi-tasking by listening while driving or doing dishes! (total podcast addict)

Participating in this challenge means you’ll be part of a community based mini-movement meant to inspire you to step up your game.

The best part? You can join in for FREE!

It’s easy to participate in the challenge, and the ideas you’ll learn will have a big, POSITIVE impact on your workweek.

Sign up now (for free!) to give your workweek the tune-up it needs!!


Warmth and joy,

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