A Reminder that You Are What You Choose

A Reminder that You Are What You Choose

Today I’m honored to share with you Sari Dennis, a good friend and one of the warmest people I know. She volunteered as one of my cookbook testers at the beginning of the year and led the nutrition section of my Balance in Vegas workshop.

Sari is a wellness coach who shares my passion for BodyLove and knows that the physical body is nothing without a core of self-compassion.

We talk so much about the practical – whether it be recipes, skincare, or tips for eating healthier. Today, Sari is helping us remember the deeper meaning beneath it all with a beautiful poem she wrote that is sure to inspire you. 

I Am What I Choose
by:  Sari Dennis

What do you see when you look at your body?  Does it truly reflect who you really are?

Just as important as it is to feed our body healthy food, it is equally important to feed our mind healthy thoughts.   For all of us who struggle with our physical imperfections, I have written this poem to offer a different perspective.

No, I’m not skinny and
No, I’m not tall, and
Yes I have parts
That have started to fall.

No, I’m not blonde, and
No, I’m not lanky, and
Yes there are days
That I’m downright cranky.

Now that I’m 50,
I’m noticing a lot
Of things that are normal
And things that are not;

Like a new spot here
And a new line there,
Wrinkles and crinkles
And losing of hair.

But rather than worrying
About things I can’t change:
My size and my age,
My height and my frame . . .

I choose to open
That window within,
Where beauty exists
Just under my skin.

I choose to be thankful,
I choose to be kind,
I choose to speak thoughtfully
From my heart and my mind.

I choose to surround myself
With people who care,
People whose values
I find that I share.

A value for life
With a heart full of passion,
Whose goodness defines
A life of compassion.

What is under the skin
And inside the heart,
Is far more important
Than what’s falling apart.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you love, anyone who you feel might need a little extra reminder, as to what is truly important.


Sari-DennisSari Dennis is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Counselor and PCRM Food for Life Cooking Instructor. As the founder of My Wellness Counts, LLC, Sari works with professionalism and compassion, guiding her clients to prioritize their health by connecting sound nutrition with healthy lifestyle choices. Sari knows what it is like to struggle with physical and emotional challenges, and how wonderful it feels to finally overcome those obstacles that inhibit one’s ability to live a full and happy life. “Quality nutrition has paved my path to vibrant health”.  You can find out more about Sari on her website mywellnesscounts.com and also on Facebook.

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