#39 Hustle Smarter, Not Harder & a Podcast Update

#39 Hustle Smarter, Not Harder & a Podcast Update

Something BIG is happening in Feed Your Hustle land. In this episode, I talk about a shift in how I see hustle and what clients are asking for. The other side of the hustle picture.

There’s another element to redefining your hustle which goes beyond simply taking care of yourself. And that’s setting up your business so it’s not as crazy-making.

Because recharging isn’t the only thing that feeds your hustle, feeling productive and aligned in your business also does.

You can have amazing healthy habits, but it will be hard to truly achieve the peace and groundedness in your business if you are running around chasing things all the time.

“When you feel productive, you can enjoy your time off.” – Adria DeCorte

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P.S. Stay tuned next week when I talk with an entrepreneur who started an uber-successful body image movement about the blocks female entrepreneurs have to getting more visible and how her relationship to hustle has evolved.



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