How to Take Pleasure in Healthy Eating in Less Time (aka Be a Kitchen Witch)

How to Take Pleasure in Healthy Eating in Less Time (aka Be a Kitchen Witch)

You don’t have a lot of time to make meals and even less mental space to think about what you’re making or, horrors, use a recipe. Yet you feel uninspired in the kitchen and don’t take pleasure in food anymore.

But did you know that pleasure is one of the best ways to #feedyourhustle?

I get a lot of intrigued feedback from the FYH community when I talk about how I rarely use recipes and instead enjoy being a witch in the kitchen.

I grab random ingredients from my fridge and cupboards and stir them into my one-pot dish like it’s a cauldron (picture Ursula from The Little Mermaid). 

This is how I make my lunch break fun… but it’s also how I make it easy because no thinking is required.

Today’s #FeedYourHustle Habit:

Be a #kitchenwitch to take pleasure in healthy eating (and save time!)

There are two ways I go about this kitchen witchery.

  1. Buddha Bowl

    Toss several pre-cooked ingredients together and reheat them.

    Then add some fresh greens or living sauerkraut on top to liven it up. E.g. a Buddha Bowl with beans, grains, veggies, and a delicious sauce, one of the foundation meal templates I give clients.

    This works really well when I’ve done advance prep on a Sunday and cooked up batches of beans, quinoa or brown rice, and maybe even chopped and/or cooked veggies.

    To let you in on my secret, what I’ve been doing mostly lately is adding pre-washed bagged salad greens to the beans & grains and tossing with dressing (nutritional yeast mixed with Bragg’s liquid aminos – yum).

  2. One-Pot Meal

    Make a one-pot meal by cooking everything together in a pot on the stove.

    This is the key to really feeling witchy, and my favorite way to take pleasure in the process if you have a tiny bit more time to play.

    Bonus fun-boosting add-on: listen to music that energizes you while you cook. (FYH Community member Ruth says having classical on while eating breakfast really feeds her hustle!)

    Learn how to make a one-pot meal, complete with pictures of every step here.

Be a kitchen witch each day this week. Try it on and see how it feels.

Maybe you want to make it part of your morning routine for breakfast by tossing together a scramble or augmenting your oatmeal with delish toppings. Or you do it during dinner to help you unwind.

Or you do it during your lunch break like I always do – it doesn’t have to take much time.

Which type of kitchen witchery are you going to try this week? What do you have right now in your fridge you can throw together?

Share with me over in the Facebook group to set your intention and get accountability and support!

Warmth and joy,

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