How to Fuel Major Hustle in Business and Life

How to Fuel Major Hustle in Business and Life

Yesterday, I ate a sausage-stuffed waffle lathered in gravy for lunch.

Sure it was vegan sausage, a gluten-free waffle, and served with a side of braised collards. And, in the spirit of balance not perfection, I savored it as a delicious indulgence.

But it was still waaay heavier fare than my usual.

And guess what?

I got zero work done in the afternoon. My energy level was non-existent, and there was no way anything creative was coming from this brain.

So I took the afternoon off.

But what if I went into a food coma every day after lunch? And what if my breakfast set me up for a dragging morning as well?

What amazing ideas would I miss out on and how much work time would I waste when I could just power through and wrap up early to spend more time with my family?

We’ve all had weeks where we get so busy we end up eating whatever’s easiest to grab in a quick dash to the kitchen – or the drive through! Do you notice that those weeks you’re foggier and less focused, maybe even feel emotionally imbalanced?

As an entrepreneur, your brain is your business.

Whether you’re in creation mode, launching mode, or have a full client roster, it all comes down to your brain chemistry.

The food you put in your body becomes the energy you use during your day.

You may suspect, deep down, that what you eat is connected to the level of productivity you bring to your work. That the “right” foods will help you take your business to the next level.

But too often we, as busy entrepreneurs and professional women, eat meals that just won’t power our day because we think that eating healthy is HARD.

That’s simply not true! It’s just about having the right tools and the right systems in place.

It is possible to be healthy and productive on simple meals from easy-to-find foods.

Ready to fuel major hustle?

Download my “3-Minute Superfood Breakfasts to Power Your Entire Workweek” (it’s free!) to start getting tuned into your body. After a few days of these super-simple recipes, I promise you’ll notice a difference in the productive energy you bring to your day.

Now your turn.

What’s your go-to meal for fueling a day of hustle?

Warmth and joy,

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P.S. In the next post, I’ll give you a sneak peak at the personalized Plant-Powered Meal Plan I created last week for a lovely client who is deep in creation mode.


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  1. I read your email just in time to get a reminder NOT to go for the quick pasta that I could zap in the microwave and instead save that for dinner. Yesterday I fueled with a delicious salad I made of fresh from the farm local arugula and greens, a mix of mung, azuki and other fresh young beans (my new go to which I add to salads and stir fries), half a local avocado and some Marie’s Ranch dressing (just a little). Today, I’m going for a quick Isagenix shake instead of the pasta and will do salad and pasta for dinner after I have the opportunity to wind down. Thanks for the reminder to fuel my brain!!

    • Adria says:

      That’s awesome Cindy! Love the way you’re thinking of it not as removing things you love but protecting your working time with foods you know will fuel your brain. Love it!

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