#188 How to Find Introvert-Friendly Business Support

#188 How to Find Introvert-Friendly Business Support

When you’re a coach, the right support is key to growing your business. And when you’re a leader, the right support will help you unlock your voice and share your message with the world

I’ve spent several years leading programs for quiet leaders and a decade navigating business programs, coaches, and courses as a sensitive, introverted leader in the online biz world.

During that time, I’ve learned that crowded spaces where everyone has to shout over each other are NOT where I (or other quiet folks) thrive. 

And that’s okay. 

It just means we have to recognize what we do need when we’re looking for support.

There are 4 important needs sensitive, introverted leaders have that often get overlooked – especially when it comes to coaching containers. In episode 188 of Quiet Messenger, I break down what to look out for to find support that fits your needs.

Because if you’ve felt invisible, ignored, or overwhelmed in business programs, I want you to know that you’re not the problem

The problem is that the container wasn’t designed for you.

Listen in.

Deeper support from me:

  • The Quiet Messenger Mastermind is an intimate circle of women leaders and deep feelers who like cozy spaces for connection, growth and processing and who want to feel solid, confident & consistent in their messaging to grow a movement that matters ~ both to the world and to their business’ bottom line.

Have you ever been in a space that didn’t fit you? What did you need to thrive? Let me know on Instagram.


Hi! I’M ADRIA SOPHIA, Message Clarity Guide, TEDx Speaker, and host of the Quiet Messenger Podcast. I lead cozy Messenger Masterminds where I help introverted women leaders & sensitive souls tap into the message that moves them then clearly & courageously share it so they can call in their people…and their next level of impact.