#91 How I Call in Clients While I’m On Vacation

#91 How I Call in Clients While I’m On Vacation

In May, Steve and I spent 10 days on a Mediterranean island – hiking, exploring, lounging. And when I returned, I had two clarity calls booked while I was away.

Then within the next week as I was slowly easing back into my business, another two got booked.

The same thing happened again this past week I spent on the road doing a brand photoshoot, a strategy day with my coach, and a speaker retreat.

I came home to two new clarity calls in my calendar.

Obviously these weren’t getting booked because I was out at networking events meeting people. Or because I was posting on Facebook or emailing my list with a call to action to book a call.

Nothing active on my part.

Instead, people were hearing me talk on interviews, coming back to my podcast, binging on episodes, then visiting my website and booking a call with me.

And it worked because what I was saying was relevant and compelling to them.

Aka they were booked because I had CLEAR MESSAGING.

In this episode, I share 4 steps to take so you also effortlessly draw in the right people… even when you’re on vacation.

Because I want you to take time off to do the things that inspire you and keep you fueled up.


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