#141 [Hotseat] What if My Tools & Process ARE What Pull People In?

#141 [Hotseat] What if My Tools & Process ARE What Pull People In?

Lee is one of my beloved Messenger Masterminders who just joined our fall round, but before that, I had a chance to hotseat her during my last Message Clarity Challenge.

She uses art & creativity to support her clients, and she wants to put that in her messaging because talking about it often sparks people’s interest – it speaks to them and draws them in. Especially the artistic types!

But Lee is a podcast listener and has heard me talk over and over about the Tool to Problem Pivot. 😉

She knows by heart my advice to talk about the results or problem she solves rather than the “how” or methodology.

So her question was:

“Should I keep my methodology out of my message?”

“And if so, how do I find and connect with those people who would be like ‘oh yes I need that!’”

Lee & I talk about:

  • Where to talk about your tools and process and where NOT to
  • The critical piece for her to speak to when she talks about her work and to put at the forefront (and why my advice for her is different than usual)
  • Identifying where her people are at and the first step they’re ready to take
  • What she needs to educate her audience on in her marketing so they’re ready for her service
  • Why I’m not a huge proponent of honing down your What Do You Do statement too far 

Deeper support from me:

  • My Messaging Intensives are for coaches wanting to land on a clear, cohesive way to express the story of their work and their place in it.

What’s your top takeaway from this episode? Take a screenshot of your podcast app, share your takeaway + tag me on Instagram to let me know. (And so I can shout you out!) 


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