#143 [Hotseat] How Do I Get More Followers + Engagement on Instagram?

#143 [Hotseat] How Do I Get More Followers + Engagement on Instagram?

Does it ever feel like a struggle to grow your audience?

It can be so frustrating when you have such beautiful, impactful things to share. 

The smart, passionate, Sensitive Soul April is one of the core group in my Messenger Mastermind this fall. Before she joined us, she did my Message Clarity Challenge and applied for a hotseat with me.

This was April’s question:

“What do I write about on my Instagram to attract people into my world that don’t already know me?”

In episode 143, you’ll hear my exact guidance and coaching so if you have this question too, you’re in luck!

And what you’ll find is this is really a completely different conversation than one of getting more followers and engagement.

It’s actually about stepping into your messenger-ship. Because THAT is what actually calls in your people.

Listen in.

April & I talk about:

  • What’s missing from mainstream marketing advice and why despite posting great content she wasn’t getting more followers or engagement on Instagram
  • How to tie her nuggets of wisdom from getting out of an abusive relationship into her messaging to create deeper connection with her people… without changing her niche
  • The correlation between her own story and who comes to her for support
  • Where her dream of creating a volunteer organization of moms helping moms fits in the messaging for her work as a nutritionist

Deeper support from me:

  • My Messaging Intensives are for coaches wanting to land on a clear, cohesive way to express the story of their work and their place in it.

What’s your top takeaway from this episode? Take a screenshot of your podcast app, share your takeaway + tag me on Instagram to let me know. (And so I can shout you out!) 


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