#103 Hiding Behind Your Brand & Scaling with Intention with Naomi Mdudu

#103 Hiding Behind Your Brand & Scaling with Intention with Naomi Mdudu

What is your definition of success? What do you want to feel in business? Does it feel vulnerable to share your personal life and musings with your tribe and in your marketing?

Naomi Mdudu is a former fashion journalist who worked as a business strategist for some of the leading names in the fashion and lifestyle industry and now helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses with intention with The Lifestyle Edit podcast and platform.

Coming from a traditional newspaper background, Naomi used to be more comfortable hiding behind her brand. The ONE place she felt safe and at home communicating about herself was her newsletter – and (surprise!) that’s where her early clients came from.

She was operating in a crowded space… and she began to realize that the thing that made a client choose her was feeling like they had a deep connection. Which you can’t do hiding behind your brand!

Though her business has evolved, her mission has stayed the same – to help others scale with intention, with a clear vision of the life we want our businesses to support.

Listen to set up your business to honor how you want to feel and to peel back the layers that keep you from connecting with who you’re serving.

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Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How she sets up her workdays and biz to operate on a high vibration where everything on her calendar is a “hell yes”
  • The shift she makes to get into the brains of her ideal clients + use the language they use (when leading with words like email marketing and funnels might feel too techy and unrelatable)
  • How to create a new offering that best meets your people’s needs even if you don’t have a tribe to poll
  • The “pillars” that she pulls from to create brand content — and how she infuses personal interests into her messaging
  • How to make the client acquisition process less about “convincing” and more about communicating your values to naturally attract the people you’re destined to work with

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