#7 Healthy Launching & Speaking with Mamapreneur Alexia Vernon

#7 Healthy Launching & Speaking with Mamapreneur Alexia Vernon

On this episode of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast, I interview Alexia Vernon, a masterful speaking trainer, new mama, and entrepreneur with a laundry list of accomplishments.

We talk about how she’s navigating her way back to self care after the birth of her daughter, plus how she balanced her latest major launch with her husband away and no nanny. AND we jammed on doing more with less, specific healthy habits for speaking success, and incorporating play into your workday.

Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House for her unique approach to developing women’s voices, through her Step Into Your Moxie platform she has become the go-to expert for helping TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs, executives, online experts, business professionals, educators, and creatives get over their fear of public speaking and deliver their spotlight talks.

A motivational speaker focused on heart-centered and high impact communication, values-driven leadership, and women’s empowerment, she not only cultivates the voices of thought leaders through programs like Your Spotlight Talk or her intensive MasterTreats for transformational speakers, she is one. She has scored face time with hundreds of corporate, conference, and college audiences with her keynote speeches and interactive trainings, and she is founder of the Las Vegas-based women’s leadership training program, Influencer Academy.

As the co-organizer and co-host of Las Vegas’ TEDxFremontEastWomen, she possesses a unique understanding of the TED speaking style and what organizers are looking for in prospective speakers.

On top of all that, she also became a full-time mom last year when her daughter was born. So you know we have TONS to talk about in today’s episode!

“Whenever you find yourself getting too in your head, try to get in your body and get up and get physical… When the body is alive, the head is alive, and we’re able to produce our best results that way.” – Alexia Vernon

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Alexia went from a rockstar self care practice to an out-of-balance new mama AND the small, doable habits she’s implementing now to find her way back
  • The foods that could deplete your energy and confidence if eaten 24 hours before your next talk
  • 3 critical healthy habits that’s she’s implementing during her next launch (and how she learned this lesson the hard way)
  • Why meditation doesn’t have to be a formal practice and how she weaves mindfulness into her workday for more clarity
  • The pre-speaking activities she recommends to help you bring more focused, centered energy to the stage
  • How to incorporate play into your workday to pull yourself out of your head and back into the moment

Mentioned in this episode:

What’s one self care tip you learned the hard way from your last launch?

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