#35 A Healthy Brain Means a Healthy Business

#35 A Healthy Brain Means a Healthy Business

You may have heard me say that your brain is your business. Think about it – the brain is your center for key factors like making sound decisions and being emotionally stable (rather than running between tasks like a crazy person).

That’s why we’re talking all about how to keep your brain healthy in this final episode of my Burnout-Proof Your Biz series.

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • My video-series of crazy-simple strategies to solve the top 3 healthy living challenges female entrepreneurs face
  • FYH #27 talking decluttering for abundance with Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • Chalene Johnson’s Smart Success Live conference
  • Dr. Daniel G Amen’s book The Brain Warrior’s Way: Ignite Your Energy and Focus, Attack Illness and Aging, Transform Pain into Purpose

What habits do you have (or not have) that could be hurting your brain – and, consequently, your business?

Share with me in the comments below!

Warmth and joy,

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P.S. Stay tuned next week for the next series in Season 2 of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast – Putting Relationships First. And the first relationship we’re talking about is the one with yourself. This episode will help you start to separate who YOU are from your business – the most important thing you need to know to keep yourself from getting burned out.


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