#127 Harness Your Too-Muchness to Rock Your Business with Shereen Sun

#127 Harness Your Too-Muchness to Rock Your Business with Shereen Sun

Have you ever been told you were too much? Ever felt like you had to tone yourself down to be taken seriously or to be successful?

Too intense, too talkative, too loud, too sensitive, too many questions…

Before her business took off, my dear friend and podcast guest Shereen Sun  – a business coach who has been an educator and creativity expert for 10+ years – was helping clients be their full selves.

But she was at the same time holding back an important part of her own self from her family – which meant she couldn’t talk about it publicly.

She wanted to feel fully self-expressed and be a leader who talks openly about what matters most.

So she came out as queer to her Muslim father after 10 years of hiding it.

This set off a chain reaction of feeling empowered to share her other truths, and she began to harness her too muchness to grow her business. She climbed to six figures in a year.

In today’s episode Shereen and I talk about how we were both told we were too much.

She was “that girl” in class who raised her hand and answered (and asked) all the questions, and I’m a highly sensitive person who feels deeply and has often been called “intense”.

We also talk about how easy it is to internalize this into shame that leads to shrinking or hiding parts of ourselves.

Especially when we’re the face of our business.

>>> And why when you OWN your too-muchness and use it as your strength instead, you can grow a thriving business without putting yourself in a box.

Listen in.

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so hard to clarify your message when you’re a spiritual creative 
  • How getting clear on that message is as much about the energy behind it as it is about the words
  • What it means to be creatively expressed AND successful (e.g. making big money) in business
  • Why we need more biz role models with super-successful weird, different, or woo businesses
  • Her best advice to build your business from your full creative magic 

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