Why I’m Happier Over My Goal Weight

People often assume I’m perfect, that I never indulge, and that I have super-human willpower. But that’s just not the case – in fact, I’m actually completely human. Gasp!

Here’s another shocker: over the last year, loosening up my strict standards and gaining 10 pounds Adria after 125lbsabove my “goal” weight actually made me happier.

That’s why I was thrilled to share a piece of my story on one of my favorite blogs Carrie on Living today. 

I’ve been following Carrie’s blog for years, both as a go-to source for healthy but delicious vegan recipes (Nutritarian style) and for her down-to-earth perspective. I’m also a big fan of her app Vegan Delish for recipes on the go.

Despite the tagline “Balance Not Perfection”, I haven’t shared much of my own food and perfectionism journey with you yet (more to come!) so I hope this article begins to break down any misconceptions.

Here’s a brief excerpt: 

When I read Carrie’s recent posts about disordered eating, they struck a chord with me. Her words rang true to my own struggles as a recovering food perfectionist.

And it’s a trend I see in many of the women I coach. My wellness clients are beautiful, wonderful women. But, like many of us, they have a history of reaching for an unattainable ideal. I guide them to relax perfectionist tendencies and realize how amazing they already are.

Sure, cleaning up my diet and lifestyle to release 40 pounds was the best thing I ever did for myself. But in case you struggle with some of the same issues as Carrie and me, I want to share how gaining 10 pounds above my “goal” weight has helped me find that crucial but elusive balance between self-care and body-love.

Click here to discover 4 reasons why I’m happier over my goal weight. 

I was watching supermodel Cameron Russell’s TED Talk recently. She said that supermodels are the most self- conscious and body-hating group of women. And it makes sense if your job depends on smoothing out small “imperfections”.

But we in the real world don’t have to worry about this, and there’s no big gain from being a perfectionist with your body.

It’s time for us to get comfortable in our own skin, whatever size that may be.

Now your turn. 

What keeps you from loving your body? What’s one strict standard you hold yourself to that you can loosen up on? Share in the comments so the rest of us don’t feel alone. 🙂

P.S. If you’re feeling lost or frustrated and want guidance living cleaner, reaching your healthy, natural weight, and falling in love with your body, check out my Healthy Living Strategy Sessions.

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