The Simple Trick to Make a Breakfast Smoothie More Satisfying

The Simple Trick to Make a Breakfast Smoothie More Satisfying
Adria with fruit soup
Snack of apple mango fruit soup

I love blending things.  BUT unless I’m on the run, I don’t love drinking my food.  I’m a utensils kinda girl who gets satisfaction from taking time with her meals.  So, if I’m at home for a meal I usually consume as a smoothie, I’ll opt to make a fruit soup instead.  I even do this for my post-workout recovery shakes.

What is a fruit soup?  Simply a thicker version of a smoothie that you get to put in a bowl and eat with a spoon.  Yay!

How do you make it?  The same as any smoothie – you just put fruit into a blender and blend until smooth.

I realize that I take my Vitamix for granted and not everyone has taken the plunge and purchased this baby… yet.  Don’t worry, you can certainly make fruit soups without a high-speed blender.  You just have to do a little extra prep and be more selective with your ingredients.  For example, you may want to peel your apples and cut them into smaller chunks.  Plus, you probably don’t want to add tough greens like kale because you won’t be able to get it completely smooth.

A few pointers for a smoothie you can eat with a spoon:

1. Don’t add any liquid, especially if you are using juicy fruits like apples or oranges.

2. Thicken with frozen fruit or bananas.

3. Add bite-size fruit pieces to make it more interesting.  Berries make a great addition.

4. Make it green.  Add some greens to light-colored fruits like mango, apple, or peach to get a nice healthy neon color.  Start with baby spinach and progress to romaine, kale, or collards when you start to adjust to the flavor.

Here are some ideas for combos you can use:

fruit smoothie- berry apple
Berry Apple fruit soup







fruit smoothie- strawberry banana
Strawberry Banana fruit soup
fruit soup- apple mango
Apple Mango fruit soup


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