#17: 4 Keys to Quick Workday Lunches that Feed Hustle

#17: 4 Keys to Quick Workday Lunches that Feed Hustle

In today’s episode, I discuss what is probably the biggest challenge I see come up for female entrepreneurs around feeding their hustle – lunch time!

Has this ever happened to you? You are super busy and keep working through lunch (maybe you were too busy to recognize your hunger signals and simply forgot to eat).

By 2pm, your brain fuel is starting to run down and you’re famished and MUST have something RIGHTNOW. You grab takeout or whatever’s immediately available in the kitchen and chow down with no discrimination.

The rest of your workday is spent working on fumes – you get stuff done, but wouldn’t call it your best creative energy. At dinner you make up for this by eating everything you can get your hands on.

My hunch is that if you had easy options in the fridge, you’d have a much easier time breaking for lunch at noon (before you’re famished) and resisting the urge to order takeout. It would end up taking less time, and you’d end up with way more quality energy for the afternoon.

“You can’t eat what you don’t have.” – Adria DeCorte

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The one concept that, once you understand it, will revolutionize workweek lunch-making forever
  • The challenges of three of your sister female entrepreneurs from the Feed Your Hustle community (I bet they’ll sound familiar!)
  • Simple but effective actions to take in advance that will set you up to feed your hustle successfully 
  • How I lay out my own fridge using these principles
  • The exact same advice I build into clients personalized meal plans (and how you can apply it to yourself right now)
  • What I use to save bandwidth making my own meals every day (hint: it’s not recipes)

Mentioned in this episode:

Which of the four keys are you going to implement this week?

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    Your quinoa-filled blog image made my mouth water. Now I have a hankering for some delicious and healthy food. This post got me motivated to get up off the couch and head to the grocery store. #winwin

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