#68 Fine-Tune THIS for More YESes During Discovery Calls

#68 Fine-Tune THIS for More YESes During Discovery Calls

My client Holly Shaw is a FABULOUS coach, and when she had the honor to speak in front of 120 actors at SAG in LA and ended up booking 46 discovery calls, she was stoked.  

But when only four of those 46 calls turned into paying clients, mostly one-off sessions, she began to suspect there must be a weak link in her discovery call process.

We hopped on a call to diagnose where she was losing these clients, and discovered that when it came time to give people her prices and tell them about her package, her energy dropped and she felt kinda sale-shy and apologetic.

Um, can you relate?

So we did a Message Breakthrough dedicated to fine-tuning this specific piece of her discovery call process, and lo and behold…

The very next day she landed a VIP client and sold a $1997 package with total ease using what we worked on.  

Listen to this week’s episode of Unforgettable to hear EXACTLY what we shifted and the language Holly used to “paint the picture” that led to these immediate results.  


  • What’s your biggest struggle with leading discovery calls? Do you hesitate to name your price? Do you avoid the offer? Head over to the free Unforgettable Facebook group and let me know what you find most difficult when you’re leading a sales call. Make sure to tag me so I can see it, too. 🙂
  • Feeling like your communication might be blocking clients from saying yes? Click here to find out if you’re making one of the 3 common mistakes I see coaches make when talking about their work on discovery calls, at networking events, and on their websites.


P.S. Next episode you’ll hear all about how my guest Kathleen Ventura has built a profitable business and smoothly pivoted into a new niche through building real relationships rather than relying on time-intensive launches.

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Drawing on my experience as a TEDx speaker and my architecture background, I help women coaches get clear on what they really do and communicate it so their ideal clients know why they need them and are excited to pay them.


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