#46 Find the Idea You Want to Be Known For with Alexia Vernon

#46 Find the Idea You Want to Be Known For with Alexia Vernon

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How do you find the idea that you want to be known for? That’s the question my guest today answers on the Unforgettable Podcast. That’s right, I’m bringing on Alexia Vernon, the woman who helped me gain the level of message clarity that got me ready for a TEDx talk.

“Most people are in their business because they’ve had a moment or maybe a series of events that started a chain reaction moving them towards how it is that they’re serving their audience.” – Alexia Vernon


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to bridge the disconnect between the idea you want to spread and the work you do in your business
  • Why so many people realize they’ve been off-message in their business when they start working on a talk
  • Three questions to ask yourself to clarify your message (click here to download the pdf worksheet!)
  • How her own message and the work she does with clients has evolved over time and what she wishes she’d known earlier
  • Her favorite way to have clients test out material to see what connects with their audiences
  • Why starting with your story is key to finding your true “why” (and how to go about that!)

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I designed this worksheet as a supplement to this interview, because I know how many new entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and confused about what it is that they really do.

After completing this worksheet, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what’s driven you to choose the line of work that you’re currently in and you’ll more clearly see the threads that tie everything together.

Episode Insights:

“For a lot of people their businesses grow based on what shows up — and sometimes, that can be a beautiful thing, sometimes people see things for us that we could have never seen for ourselves — but other times, people see things in us because we just don’t know who we are yet and that projection can keep us stuck because we’re playing to who we think people want us to be rather than who we’re really in the process of becoming.” – Alexia Vernon

“I wish I would have known that I didn’t have to figure out all of my messaging from the get-go, which might sound totally counterproductive, like why would you do things wrong and then pivot?, but I think that if I hadn’t tried to force myself into a box and I just played around a little bit more, I might have found my answer sooner rather than feeling like I had to double down in one direction and then develop all of these things in that one direction too quickly, which then made it harder to pivot.” – Alexia Vernon



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P.S. Next week I share 5 reasons your brand may feel off… which are also the top mistakes I see entrepreneurs make with their messaging that keep them from converting clients!



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