#123 Feeling Shy or Introverted With a Message to Share

#123 Feeling Shy or Introverted With a Message to Share

You’re dedicated to your work in the world. You’ve been at this for awhile, had some traction, and your clients rave about you.

Still… you read the posts of others on social media and feel moved… You know there’s something bigger you’re here to do and say.   

Yet in conversations and in the noise online you sometimes have a hard time finding your turn to speak up and feel shy about sharing.

The voices in your head say no one will care.

And when you do gather your courage, you spend 30 minutes crafting a post then hover with your finger over the publish button for another 30 minutes (and what feels like three times the mental energy needed).   

Then after you share, your stomach is in knots, second-guessing what you said, feeling exposed, unpopular, irrelevant, or like you took up too much space.  

That internal swirl keeps you from really owning it, from being able to clearly articulate your work and your gifts.

Or from being willing to share them publicly.

I recorded today’s episode for you if you’re feeling shy or introverted yet know you have a message to share.

Listen in.   

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