#60 Copywriting that Doesn’t Feel Salesy with Stefanie Frank

#60 Copywriting that Doesn’t Feel Salesy with Stefanie Frank

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How do you move a potential client to action?

It’s not about pretty branding, belonging to the right Facebook groups, or even an archive of blog posts.

What it IS about: the words we choose to use when communicating with that potential client.

Lots of online gurus make copywriting sound complicated and overwhelming, and those of us who lead from our hearts get turned off by the fear of feeling sleazy and scammy.

But there are basic principles that will help you connect with your ideal client in a connection-based and genuine way.

In today’s episode, I dig in with my guest Stefanie Frank — copywriter, trainer, and my speaking BFF — into how to be persuasive when writing copy for your sales pages, newsletters, about page, and blog posts without making your clients feel sold to.

“The heart and soul of persuasion is inspiring someone to take an action.” – Stefanie Frank


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your about page, homepage, and headlines so they’re compelling and resonate with your ideal client
  • What the “me, me, me” factor is and how it’s hurting your conversions
  • Why you should always be listening to what your clients are saying (hint: when Stefanie writes copy, 80% of what she needs lives in someone else’s head!)
  • How to show you understand what your ideal clients are going through so they’ll feel more connected to you and ready to listen to your solution
  • Which three resources Stefanie repeatedly uses when she writes copy

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The reason that clients’ clients interviews make copy more persuasive is that you, as the writer or as the business owner, can use that information and perspective to show your prospect that you get what they’re going through. When it’s done right, it’s not overtly manipulative. It doesn’t have to be negative, icky, and it certainly doesn’t have to capitalize on their fears and insecurities AT ALL. 

It is really important to weave elements of who you are, what you believe but do it in a way that’s going to reach the person coming to the page. It’s not about you. I see too many about pages that start off with ‘me, me, me, my life story, blah, blah, blah’… In editing I usually shift that to something that opens… Something to set it up to where everything you put in there that’s about you is highly relevant to them.

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