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Praise for my Be Unforgettable Bootcamp:


Christi-ProfileAdria has a laser ability to zero in on the essence of what it is that I’m trying to communicate.

I’m now solid in what I see myself as an expert in and can translate that into words to communicate what I knew but just couldn’t get out before. If you’re stuck or stalled in your business, maybe even if you’re feeling a sense of overwhelm, this would be a wise investment.”

– Christi Daniels


“I got laser-focused. It took my message from broad to specific and made me really hone in and define who I am and get very clear on the service I provide.

At a recent workshop I led, I got to use my new messaging on two people who didn’t know what I do or who I was. They immediately understood and grabbed a brochure, and one came and took a tour of my office.”

– Jackie Unterreiner


Jamie headshotAdria is able to spin our words and repeat them back to us; she has a way of getting people to really sharpen what they’re saying.

– Jamie Boisselle