#48 Communicate What You *Really* Do with Chrissie Wywrot

#48 Communicate What You *Really* Do with Chrissie Wywrot

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Do you ever have a tough time narrowing down what you say when you’re trying to tell people what you do? You know, because you don’t want to leave anything out? And you want to accurately convey what you’re good at?

And then people just look at you blankly afterwards because they can’t grasp it?

Today you’ll hear from a past Clarity Challenger and member of my Be Unforgettable Bootcamp (and, ironically someone else who helps mission-driven entrepreneurs find and embody their message) about how gaining clarity on what she *really* does for clients – and it’s not her tools or process – resulted in higher sales conversions. And how you can apply this lesson to yourself!

“I was entering conversations with potential clients and I almost wanted to say, ‘Okay I know I’m really good, but I’m not really sure how to articulate how good I am. You’ll just know once I start.'” – Chrissie Wywrot


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why sharing a laundry list of what you’re good at does NOT convert potential clients during discovery calls
  • How understanding the thread that connected all her work led to others valuing her work higher
  • The difference between your tools and what you *really* do for clients
  • Why clients can’t grasp how amazing we are until we learn how to communicate what we *really* do and why we’re so good at it

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Episode Insights:

What the Clarity Challenge helped me do was to put a label / brand on what I was good at because I was just sitting there saying, “Okay, I know I’m really good at what I’m doing, but I don’t know how to phrase it in a way that makes sense.” Yeah, I’m really good at social media, but that’s not the reason I’m good at social media.There’s another reason I’m good at it. What you pulled out of me was the reason of why I was good at what I was doing.” – Chrissie Wywrot

I’m a mother of three kids and if I heard an ad that said, “Hey women! Let’s buy this product.” I might listen, I might not, whatever. I’m a woman but, whatever. But if I heard an ad that said, “Hey! Women who are mothers of three children.”  I’d be like, “Oh! Okay, well what is this? Is this for me?” And so, as long as the target you have is big enough when you target your messaging that specifically, you’re actually going to end up reaching more people.” – Chrissie Wywrot

“Actually, what the Bootcamp help me do with the outset, was really help me work on my written message and articulating it. You kept saying, 2-3 lines or make it shorter. I’m going, “but I want to make sure I get everything in!” And it’s hysterical, because this is what I do for other people. You kept breaking it down and telling us to break it down even simpler and simpler.” – Chrissie Wywrot



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P.S. Next week I’m releasing my first hotseat so you can hear how a life coach/ yogi/ spiritual guide goes from confusion to clarity around what her core message and niche is.



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