#162 Break Through What’s Holding You Back From Sharing with Ashley Gordon

#162 Break Through What’s Holding You Back From Sharing with Ashley Gordon

Do you know in your heart you have a message to share, but you’re scared to put yourself out there? 

In ep 162, we’re talking about how you can break through what’s holding you back from actually showing up and sharing that message

And to do that, I brought on Ashley Gordon, master Mindset & Manifestation Coach and creator of the Badass Manifester Brand and Podcast.

Ashley began her business with a message embedded on her heart and soul. 

She knew deep down that she was a Messenger. 

Yet fear of rejection and being judged stopped her for a long time from sharing the message on a larger scale. 

It took a LOT to hit record on her first live video (her inner gremlins came to life!). And yet, she kept going, disrupting her old thoughts and fears.

She focused on being a Messenger and showing up as who she was not the Messenger she thought she needed to be. And her people were naturally drawn to her. 

We talk about:

  • What aligned income is and how she’s built her business around the message she has to share
  • Her biggest tips for breaking through what’s holding us back from sharing our message
  • Why it’s normal to feel doubt when we’re here to share our message (and why suppressing it isn’t the answer)
  • The powerful question to ask yourself to move through fear of judgement

Deeper support from me:

  • In this time of quarantines, your online messaging is key. As a Copywriter + Messaging Expert, I craft copy that makes your dream clients feel SEEN and conveys the true value and impact of your work so that it moves them to sign up. Interested? I’d love to chat.

Ashley’s Links:

Do you know deep down that you’re a Messenger? Let me know in the comments over on Instagram. 


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