#126 Body Image for Personal Brands (How to Love the Skin You’re in)

#126 Body Image for Personal Brands (How to Love the Skin You’re in)

Four years ago, I stood in front of the mirror looking at a body that seemed soft… or at least softer than it had been at the height of my calorie-counting and exercise obsession.

I had just gotten the email that said I was selected to perform at TEDxWomen.

And I confess that I worried about what I would look like on camera.

I was in the process of letting go of body perfectionism, embracing Intuitive Eating and the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement and letting my body find it’s natural weight set point. As a coach, I was helping others do the same.

But I was still human… and still a woman raised in western culture where we grow up seeing worthiness as attached to our looks.

As the “new media”, you and I are the faces of our businesses in Instagram feeds and internet browser windows RIGHT NEXT to perfect celebrities who fit in one narrow definition of beauty.

It’s hard to not compare yourself. It’s oh so common to think you need to wait to do video or get on stage or do a photoshoot until you’ve cleared your acne, gone on that diet, or toned your arms.

When we hate on our bodies, it’s hard to love our voices.

It’s systemic. It creates resistance to being visible and consequently silencing your voice. The solution: Be comfortable in your skin without first changing the way that skin looks.

So how did I still get on stage and confidently share my message? That’s what episode 126 of Unforgettable explores. Listen in.

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • Why respecting your body and loving it are two different things
  • My journey with body perfectionism (including parts I felt embarrassed to share)
  • Why your body image is tied to the images you surround yourself with
  • What accounts to follow and unfollow to reprogram your beauty brain

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