#166 Blocked? Get in Flow with Your Messaging

#166 Blocked? Get in Flow with Your Messaging

Anyone who’s had a bored kid (or has been a bored kid) can tell you that inspiration doesn’t come simply from having lots of time. 

Living in the dobervan outside Steve’s biz partner’s metalworking shop the past few weeks reminded me of that.

How NOT to flow?

— Force it. 

When you’re communicating from the soul of your work, inspiration is not a one-hour “task.”

Because when you push, resistance pushes back.

Yet have you ever felt creatively blocked or simply wanted to craft your messaging in a way that felt in flow

In episode #166, I take you through my process to find flow in your messaging.

Listen in.

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How do you get back in flow? Let me know in the comments over on Instagram. 

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