#160 #HowIMessenger: Being Still Without Being Quiet with Liv Hadden

#160 #HowIMessenger: Being Still Without Being Quiet with Liv Hadden

Right now, so many of us are being forced to pause, be with ourselves, and be confronted with things we can usually ignore.

Liv Hadden is an author, podcaster, leader, Expressive Messenger Archetype, and one of the fiercest stands I know for what and who she believes in. 

And she has a hard time slowing down. (I so relate)

Yet when her client work slowed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she saw the gift in it. 

And she took the opportunity to get still. 

To let her nervous system embrace the slower pace as her new normal.

But she didn’t go quiet. 

In this #HowIMessenger episode, Liv and I talk about her commitment to show up more on her podcast and share the rawness of her life as it happens, rather than after she’s processed it and it’s wrapped up into a perfect insight. 

Listen in.

We talk about:

  • Why being true to her message right now means not posting on Instagram and social media
  • The difference between being still and being quiet (and why so many people are spinning out and getting in their heads)
  • How she uses her podcast as a North star to stay aligned with her mission and with what lights her up the most
  • The connection between curiosity, being in a state of possibility, and changing the world

Deeper support from me:

  • In this time of shelter-in-place, your online messaging is key. As a Copywriter + Messaging Expert, I craft copy that makes your dream clients feel SEEN and conveys the true value and impact of your work so that it moves them to sign up. Interested? I’d love to chat.

Liv’s Links:

Have you slowed down? How does it feel? Let me know in the comments over on Instagram. 


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