#104 Being Real on Instagram & Positioning Your Service with Maggie Patterson

#104 Being Real on Instagram & Positioning Your Service with Maggie Patterson

Do you sometimes wonder how much to share? Or stop sharing when shit hits the fan in your life?

My guest Maggie Patterson is pretty comfortable speaking her mind – she’s the friend who will tell you not to get those jeans. And yet, that’s not always synonymous with being able to show up real and honest with your audience.

Maggie is host of Small Business Boss podcast, has been on stage at events such as New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, and the Conquer Summit, and her work has been featured in leading publications such as Entrepreneur.com, Fast Company and Virgin.com.

I had her on to explore how you can show up as your real self and show your behind the scenes even when life takes you to hospital waiting rooms instead of beachside vacations.

We’re also talking about how to position your work as premium once you’ve got clear messaging in place… and we have a deep conversation around female entrepreneurs earning more. (HUGELY important topics here!)

Deeper support from me:

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Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How she shared openly with her followers on Instagram while she went through dark times during the death of her father and then her mom getting sick
  • Understanding what motivates you so you can build your business not based on someone else’s dream — because not everyone really wants to build a million dollar business!
  • Where she finds the balance in being blunt but not negative — when she’s used to telling it like it is
  • How she’s shown up online as “Maggie” through the different evolutions of her brand – from agency model to personal brand to partnership
  • The gap between what women business owners make and what men biz owners do — and her mission to help close it
  • How to create a signature service from what’s working to position your work as premium and create more ease in your business
  • The great debate over niche — do you really need one or has Maggie found a way around it?

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