Balance Not Perfection: This Phrase Will CHANGE Your Life

Balance Not Perfection: This Phrase Will CHANGE Your Life

Today I’m sharing with you a phrase that holds within it the promise of happiness right now. NOT when you reach an ideal weight or meditate every day.

This has become a mantra that I repeat to myself and share with others. It influences my decisions and allows me to forgive myself for not being perfect, whether it be my definition of that word or society’s.

It’s a mantra, if you choose to accept it, that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Balance Not Perfection


So many of us health seekers think we’re looking for perfection when what we really seek is balance. We just may not call it that yet.

When you are trying your hardest to be perfect – perfect diet, perfect body, perfect career, perfect marriage, perfect life… That’s hardly a recipe for happiness.

It’s when you release some of those high standards that happiness follows.

The shocking truth is that balance actually requires an absence of perfection.

Adria Moxie Balance Not Perfection

I’m sharing my signature speech today, my performance at Alexia Vernon’s Step into Your Moxie from a few weeks ago. I think you’ll find it very personal, inspiring, and empowering.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • 3 “healthy” lifestyle habits that left me completely burnt out
  • Why my grandma’s hallway played a pivotal role in my own journey
  • The 2 common extremes that lead to anything but happiness

Now watch to get your balance on.

Thank you for watching and listening with an open heart – I got vulnerable and now I feel more connected to you. It is my hope that this phrase will change your life as much as it has mine.

Now Your Turn.

Do you tend more towards victim or perfectionist? What can you either take control or relax on to come into balance? As always, leave it in the comments because I LOVE hearing from you.

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Photos by Vincent Cu, Angular Perspective; Video by Oogoog

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