#44 Are You Really Stuck or Is it Fear of Being Seen? with Marcie Mauro

#44 Are You Really Stuck or Is it Fear of Being Seen? with Marcie Mauro

This one is for you if you feel stuck or have resistance to being seen and getting known in your industry.

Often times when we are not putting ourselves out there, the problem runs far deeper than knowing what to do or having a 3-step strategy.

Because what’s behind it could *actually* be fear of what it could mean for you to be seen.

On today’s episode, my good friend (and lively, upbeat coach who helps women be more courageous) Marcie Mauro and I talk about why confidence, clarity, and action are all intertwined and how to address your hidden fears of stepping out.

“We all have crazy amounts of clarity and confidence – it’s just about what’s clogging up the pipes.” – Marcie Mauro


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The true question you really need to ask yourself anytime you feel resistance to stepping out and why lack of clarity will hold you back from stepping out and being visible
  • Why confidence is actually a cycle rather than a destination with “false starts” where you take a few strides forward and then retreat back into your shell
  • How fear often shows up as procrastination and the real, deeper reason you aren’t doing it even if you know what to do
  • Her exercise to take you from overwhelm to actions that are aligned and the questions to ask yourself when you hit a wall and feel stuck
  • Why she carried a lot of shame around being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and always starting and stopping things (and how to embrace that part of you and step into confidence)

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