#118 Align Your Biz Values For Loyal Customers with Namastream Founders Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery

#118 Align Your Biz Values For Loyal Customers with Namastream Founders Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery

In your messaging it’s one thing to take a stand for something.

But a lot of times, how we show up doesn’t actually match the stand we took. Sometimes we don’t realize it. And sometimes we aren’t quite sure how to put it into practice because we don’t have role models for how that would look.

My guests on today’s Unforgettable ep are actively being those role models, not just for having strong values, but for implementing those values in their business.

Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery, co-founders of the online education software Namastream (like a Teachable for the wellness industry) and co-hosts of the Soulful MBA podcast, are two seriously smart women – a Yale-educated lawyer with a grad degree in Environmental Science and a former owner of a million-dollar brick-and-mortar business & clinic.

In this episode we explore how they put their values into practice while nurturing their loyal following — including why they turned down venture capitalist money for their tech startup, the real reason they don’t offer free trials, and their new ‘Digital Artisanship’ manifesto.     

Listen in.   

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • What virtual biz owners can learn about building an ultra-enthusiastic, loyal community from craft breweries, jewelry designers, pastry shops, and leather workers
  • How they find the words to use in their marketing that resonate with their customers (and their copywriting process that I nerded out on)
  • Why they see their business and platform as promoting an underlying feminist message
  • How to leverage the power of automated marketing without dehumanizing the sales process
  • The way their unique voices create a balance between human scale and big picture thinking in their copy, their podcast, and running their business

Deeper support from me:

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