#98 Alexandra Jamieson | Evolving in Public, Empathy & Unapologetic Messaging

#98 Alexandra Jamieson | Evolving in Public, Empathy & Unapologetic Messaging

When Alexandra Jamieson came out as eating meat after 10 years as a leading expert in the vegan community (she even wrote “Vegan Cooking for Dummies”), she got tons of hate mail… even death threats. (Scary shit right?)

And yet… in this episode, you’ll hear her husband Bob Gower and her reminisce that she got EVEN MORE people reaching out, connecting, falling in love with her and her message.

Those people were her true people, and from them, her new movement was birthed — women living by their own rules. Within a couple months, she got her next book offer and created Women, Food, & Desire, a booked aligned with her heart.

Now she’s evolved again, co-authoring a book with Bob on their shared framework for having authentic conversations.

This episode’s all about using your voice to say what’s meaningful and genuine to you, both in being your brand AND in connecting with the important people in your life.

Deeper support from me:

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Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • The two critical levels in growing a scalable coaching business online and why it’s not enough to simply build a brand… but so few are actually using their voice
  • How Alex was willing to evolve in public and the one thing (or two) you need in place to have the courage to share your truth publicly
  • A practical tool for being heard and using your voice to have transformational conversations in your business, with your team, and in your relationships
  • Why we as women often dance around saying what matters when the most powerful marketing alienates a lot of people
  • The way empathy and feminine leadership are used by hostage negotiators – and why these same principles will help you connect with your dream clients

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