Hi! I’m Adria Sophia. [she/her]

Message Clarity Coach helping quiet leaders call in their people & next level of impact…without having to shout above the crowd.

  • I Love

    The Mojave Desert in my campervan with my partner & our dobie Lexi.

  • I Believe

    There's no ONE WAY a Messenger needs to look, act, or sound.

  • I'm Passionate About

    Communication that helps us and our people feel seen & gotten.

Growing up, I was shy. Sensitive. A deep thinker

I had a rich inner world and was the kid with her nose buried in a book between classes, often feeling more connected to those characters than to the world outside. 

I was quiet…

Except at home or with my few close friends where I had a LOT to say and secretly worried I was too loud, too expressive, too emotional, too much.

Because quiet doesn’t mean silent.

Though I took on leadership roles as I became a young adult, I definitely did NOT see myself as a disruptor. 

I felt SO MUCH and was easily moved to tears and called to live my values when reading about injustices in the world. I became plant-based, donated to aligned causes. Leadership for me was more about stepping forward when I intuitively knew a group I was in needed a leader — and even then, I was more comfortable working on my own. 

Then on the eve of my 30th year, I started my business.

I looked around, and all I saw were leaders who were ON all the time, who answered messages instantly and engaged vigorously online, who managed 20 clients and five offerings, who always had the loudest voice in the room, who went from meeting to meeting without needing to take the rest of the afternoon off to recharge, who were direct and bold and decisive and FAST. 

It didn’t seem possible to be a successful introverted, sensitive, deep processing or quiet leader without changing who I was or living at my depleted edge all the time.

So I pushed my quietness and my sensitivity to the side. 

I hyped up my energy before I got on camera or recorded a podcast episode. I judged myself if I didn’t have the endless energy for engaging or if I wasn’t as loud as my peers.

And I followed a lot of solid marketing advice from courses and coaches that was smartly packaged up to be effective (for some).

I got to a point where the title of my signature program was strategic, my copy was dialed in, and I was doing all-the-marketing-things.

But it felt like a persona, like I was performing what a business owner is supposed to sound like. 

I felt completely disconnected from my work, uninspired by what I was saying and drained by who I was helping.

It was by chance that I was connected with a podcaster who, from the first moment of listening to her show intro, I felt something again. 

I felt a pull, an inspiration, like there was something she was living that I wanted for myself, too.

I had forgotten that messaging could be about inspiration and magic and fire and emotion.

I realized that those things could be a strategy too. That leading with what lit me up could actually work.

And I felt a deep exhale in my body. 

In the decade since, I’ve realized that if something feels off or performative, that’s actually the wisdom of my sensitivity, not a sign I need to be more of a #badassboss. 

Because, in a noisy room, it doesn’t have to be the loudest person that gets heard. It can be the clearest.

Clear messaging cuts through the noise without having to shout above the crowd…or contort yourself into a marketing or leadership strategy that wasn’t made for you in the first place.

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Ways I Can Support
The Foundation of My Work

My own messaging experience as a TEDx speaker, 6+ years hosting a popular podcast, and being interviewed 50+ times

💌 I’m Here for the Quiet Messengers

I have a soft spot (and natural gift) for guiding the introverts, the highly sensitive folks, the big feelers and deep processors. Those who have SO MUCH to share and don’t show up the same outspoken way we expect leaders to. 

💌 My Work is About Moving People to Action

I consider a copywriting project a success if a client cries when reading it because she feels so seen and like I’ve expressed what’s been on her heart to say.

💌 Clear, Connected Messaging is My Jam

Through leading masterminds, virtual events, copywriting and coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders get clarity and craft messaging that lands (both for their people, but also for themselves).

💌 Creating for a Personal, Intimate Experience

My work integrates key branding, copywriting, and marketing principles together with my user experience (UE) background from my architecture & design past and a healthy dose of my natural intuitive firepower and leadership training.

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3. Other facts about me:

  • I’m a dobie mama (thus the vlog name “The Dobervan”).
  • I have a Masters in Plant Ecology and in a past life ran native seed collection programs, worked in a greenhouse, led initiatives to restore damaged habitats, sat on municipal tree committees, and was a certified arborist. #plantnerd
  • I live and work on the ancestral lands of the Nuwuvi and Nüwüwü indigenous people – known today as the Southern Paiute and the Chemehuevi – in the Las Vegas Valley. 

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