How to Shut Off Your Business Brain and Be Present with Your Husband

How to Shut Off Your Business Brain and Be Present with Your Husband

It happens slowly and quietly. You start to get traction in your business, the client load increases, you’re saying “yes” to dream opportunities.

But now your husband complains he never sees you anymore, you’re checking your phone during family dinners, and you can’t go for a walk with him without talking about your business.

Eventually, your connection starts to fizzle and you find yourselves living parallel lives, passing him on your way to the computer or out the door. Before you know it, you’re picking fights – or worse – feeling like roommates rather than lovers.

How did your once-solid relationship get so rocky?

During my talk this week for the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce, discussion of how to strategically integrate #feedyourhustle habits into our hectic weeks quickly turned to relationships.

One man’s workaholism led to divorce. Another said that his wife was starting to make comments about him not being present. Yet another shared she and her husband have to attend networking events together to see each other.

This is a profound problem faced by entrepreneurs and business owners that has a ripple effect into your business as well as all areas of life.

For me, it led to months feeling burned out and blocked in my business.

Today’s #FeedYourHustle Habit:

Shut Off Your Business Brain and
Be Present with Your Partner

Aka practice “mindful dating.”

You may not be able to turn your business brain off, but you can turn it down. And then every time your mind drifts (and it will), pull it back.

Being present is a muscle you need to exercise to make it stronger.

Almost a year ago, when I had her on the Feed Your Hustle Podcast, Relationship Coach Susie Miller taught me how to do this.

You have to continually pull yourself back to the present moment. Kinda like what happens when I try to meditate. 

Start thinking about the remaining items on your to-do list? Pull yourself back to the present. Drifting off dreaming of a creative business idea? Pull it back.

Make quality time a mindfulness practice.

Your brain is a bigger distraction than your cell phone. All that internal chatter keeps you from being fully present. When you are with your partner, be conscious – that’s the only way to have true quality time. 

Your challenge this Valentine’s Day weekend is to consciously date your honey.

Be present, notice the beauty of your surroundings, experience each other, laugh, play, be immersed in the moment. And leave your business behind.

I promise it will feed your hustle come Monday!

How do you keep yourself present when you’re with your loved ones?

Share with me in the comments below!

Warmth and joy,

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