#196 A Persona vs Messaging that Feels Like *You* with Kat Frogosa

#196 A Persona vs Messaging that Feels Like *You* with Kat Frogosa

Do you ever feel like there’s a certain way you need to sound to be heard online?

An empath with a rebellious streak, Quiet Messenger Kat Frogosa is a natural-born nurturer with major resistance when being told to do things a certain way. 

If it doesn’t feel good deep down in her bones, she’s not doing it.

She had seen so many women — especially burned out, overwhelmed empaths — cringe when they heard the word “finances,” and knew that there must be a better way. So she turned her background in finance into work as a Transformational Money Coach.

But even though Kat was getting engagement on social media, her messaging didn’t feel like it truly reflected her.

She had come away from past copywriting trainings with catchy copy but confused and unsure what her voice was, feeling scared to be herself — and like she needed to put on a persona and brush up on pop culture to sound “cooler.”

Even when she knew what she wanted to say, she would stare at a google doc for 45 minutes, paralyzed to get it right before putting it out there. 

She was holding herself back, not actively seeking clients. 

Through joining a cohort of other Quiet Messengers, she began to see her sensitivity and empathic nature as a superpower rather than a weakness. She realized she could impact the lives of other women by teaching them the tools she’d learned to help herself. 

She realized that she could be a quiet person AND a disruptor…if she gave herself permission to just be herself. 

(And let out the bubbly, lots-to-say, magnetic voice of her inner Expressive Messenger Archetype!) 

Her confidence in herself as a quiet leader grew, and she found herself no longer holding back. She started showing up more on Instagram, being more consistent with her newsletter, and trying new strategies — like creating a quiz and a meditation — that she would never have tried if she wasn’t feeling so solid in her messaging (and her voice). 

This led to discovery calls, being invited to interviews, and new clients…until she was finally ready to go all in with pitching to be on podcasts and revving up her referral system!

Listen in to hear Kat’s story. I bet you’ll relate to a lot!

Kat and I talk about:

  • The exact messaging shifts that made her people really “get” it
  • Why The Disruptor and The Empath are not opposites, and how they can coexist in you
  • The difference between putting on a persona and bringing forward the quiet or rebellious part of yourself that has been suppressed
  • How being rebellious and being in alignment are kinda the same thing 😉

Deeper support from me:

  • What’s your Messenger Archetype? Take the quiz.
  • It’s final enrollment for the winter cohort of the Messenger Mastermind! It’s an intimate circle of sensitive, introverted women leaders who like cozy spaces for connection, growth and processing and who want to feel solid, confident & consistent in their messaging so they can grow a movement that matters ~ both to the world and to their business’ bottom line.

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Hi! I’M ADRIA SOPHIA, Message Clarity Guide, TEDx Speaker, and host of the Quiet Messenger Podcast. I lead cozy Messenger Masterminds where I help introverted women leaders & sensitive souls tap into the message that moves them then clearly & courageously share it so they can call in their people…and their next level of impact.