4 Habits to Eat Healthy During Your Busiest Week Ever

4 Habits to Eat Healthy During Your Busiest Week Ever

Yesterday, my workday ended at 8pm. That wouldn’t be so bad if I was a night owl (I’m sooo not). BUT I also started working at 4:30 am.

You see, I’ve been under a deadline, and there’s that old rule that everything always takes three times longer than you think. Plus I’m a recovering perfectionist.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, I’m guessing the concept of working from sunup to sundown isn’t new to you. (Hello launching!)

Consequently, last week my self-care was lacking. Aside from one gym visit and a couple of walks, I mostly sat in front of my computer.

Even so, the one thing I never faltered on was eating high quality whole foods.

That’s because I’ve got some simple habits in place that keep humming along effortlessly even when life gets craaazy.

And that’s what gave me the energy to push it all week.

Working from sunup to sundown?

Here are four habits I teach my clients that will keep you eating healthy even when you’re burning the candle at both ends:

  1. REMIX Leftovers

    When you do get the momentum to make a real meal, make a double portion. Then use those leftovers as a base for quick lunches & dinners and refresh with new ingredients.

    Try wrapping up leftovers in a collard leaf or tossing them into a salad. Bonus: this freshens up their stagnant energy without needing to cook anything new.

  2. Use Meal Templates

    An example of this is always having a green smoothie for breakfast or a salad for lunch. You don’t really have to think about it beyond grabbing whichever ingredients you have handy to throw in. Using a formula becomes second nature and saves you tons of time and energy.

  3. Advance Prep

    Spend an hour on the weekend or right before your launch week goes down to do a little prep work. Then you can quickly assemble ingredients into snappy meals during busy workdays.

    When I design a personalized plant-powered meal plan for a client, I often include an hour on the weekend to cook a batch each of beans and grains, chop veggies, and blend two quick sauces to store in the fridge. Then, during her busy workweek, she can throw together these ingredients for a powerful meal that fuels her hustle rather than a less than stellar one that drags her down.

  4. Stock Reinforcements

    If all else fails, keep packaged soups on hand for when you need to do a kitchen dash during a project. My favorites are by FIG Food Co – low sodium, made with whole foods, and sold in BPA-free pouches.

Now it’s your turn.

Which of these are you going to implement for your next launch?

Warmth and joy,

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  1. Melissa says:

    Great reminders on how to stay on track when your super busy! I’m going to try the Advanced Prep tip next time I have a busy week ahead of me.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great tips Adria, thanks! This week I’ll be using leftovers for lunches as you suggest:) I’m from London but living in Central Asia at the moment so finding healthy items to stock up on is sometimes challenging -but we’re going home for a few weeks next week so I’ll also be leaving plenty of room in my suitcase to bring some back!:) x

    • Adria says:

      Thanks Sarah!! Ooh, I feel ya with not having all the resources over there (but it sounds like an awesome adventure!). Did a 2 1/2 month road trip a couple of years back. It was through North America, but we were still often in remote places and packing our food in…

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