3 Business Investments that Changed My Life

3 Business Investments that Changed My Life

Over the last few years, I’ve spent LOTS of money on online courses and products which didn’t come anywhere close to paying for themselves.

Business is a value exchange that works both ways. On one side, if you’re not charging for your services in a way that feels supportive to you, burnout will follow.

Yep, charging what you’re worth is a way to #feedyourhustle!

As someone with plenty of her own money blocks, I get it. When I first launched my personalized Plant-Powered Meal Plan, I did 8 hours of work for each client for a $97 price tag.

I literally had shaky hands and sweat pooling under my armpits when I changed out the paypal “buy now” button to $297 (which, by the way, was still too low for the time involved).

But fear of spending money can also hold you back.

I floundered around for a year and a half with my previous business Healthy Vegas Vegan before I decided to invest in support. I knew I wanted to run a business, even quit my career as a plant scientist to pursue it full time.

Yet something wasn’t clicking. I was still “just” a blogger.

It wasn’t until I made 3 *key* monetary investments in only the past year or so that I felt like I had a real business.

The price points were from just under $1,000 to over $2,000. Value exchange.

Investments don’t have to make you outright money to be a success. They can yield a different kind of currency – one of positioning and growth. (Which, of course, ideally does lead to increased revenue but is less easily measured in dollar signs.)

Have my investments made me 6 figures with my business yet? No. But have I worked with dream clients and gotten a well-positioned podcast and a TEDx talk under my belt? Yes.

1) B-School 

  • The payout – community with other female entrepreneurs

The first major investment I made was Marie Forleo’s B-School. 

I’m a HUGE learner and had been listening to podcasts, reading blog posts and books, and purchased other smaller courses before.

The major benefits I got here were indirect.

First, I signed up through an affiliate partnership between Laura Roeder and Denise Duffield Thomas. This meant that I got the entire Creating Fame and Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp programs along with B-School. Yowzas!

Creating Fame spurred a major pivotal shift in how I view “marketing”. I started thinking of pulling people to me rather than pushing out content, establishing myself as an expert in my field so clients come to me. (Aka my TEDx talk.)

What I learned from the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp was more subtle and wormed it’s way into my consciousness as an awareness of when I have a lack or abundance mindset.

But the biggest impact was the ripple effect of initiating me into the B-School community with other driven and successful online businesswomen.

Before that, I felt so isolated. From this originated my first mastermind, and a few good friends that I still meet monthly with.

2) Business Coach

  • The payout – people know what I do and how to hire me

Working with a business coach is arguably the most powerful investment I’ve made in my business.

I get complimented all the time on the strong branding of my website, how clear I am about who I help and what their challenges are, and the concreteness of my message. 

Guess what? Having an experienced partner in my business to talk decisions and strategy over with was a game-changer.

I worked with biz coach Kelly Bennett (who I adore and you can hear more from in FYH episode 2) for the first year of adriadecorte.com’s life. She tamed my maximizer brain by continually pulling me back to brand consistency and reminding me during our sessions to focus on only one project at a time whenever I started getting ahead of myself (which was often). 

All this led to mucho productivity in a way that mattered to my business development and growth.  

At this point, I’ve worked with a few different coaches, all incredible, and if there was only one expense for my business, a coach would be it. (Well, actually, I would designate that expense to my “team” which includes my coach and my virtual assistant, so valuable!)

3) Speaker Training 

  • The payout – connecting with my tribe (plus a podcast & TEDx talk)

Getting clear on my brand was awesome, but I want to grow a movement through building business “fame” and speaking to reach many.

One problem – I’m a natural writer, NOT a natural speaker. (And even naturals still benefit from training to sharpen, direct, and clarify what comes naturally.)

For that, I got specialized coaching to hone my communication skills.

My training began when I signed up for Alexia Vernon’s speaking course to hone my craft of story-telling and learn to manage the sensation that comes up around public speaking. (You may remember this powerhouse mama from FYH episode 7.)

Working with Lex was one of THE single biggest shifts in my life. She’s got both heart and strategy, and I was blown away by the transformational experience she created for us in the three months of live workshops. (She has since turned it into her online course Your Spotlight Talk.)

What I would have invested in if it was available then…

At the same time, I was developing Finding Your Balance in Vegas, a half-day live workshop for a 60+ person audience.

I lined up other speakers, sponsors, event space, food, a video and camera crew, the whole nine yards. It was probably too big of a production for a newbie to take on even with the help of a few good friends – such a learning experience!

But I didn’t have a comprehensive resource for the actual implementation, organization, and content creation for a live workshop.

I felt like I was scrambling to pull everything together, the planning was MEGA stressful (and lasted three months!), and I had that old familiar feeling of floundering around without a solid business plan.

The end result: we broke even, and I didn’t get any clients from it.

I was left with the thought that there’s no way I could do this as a part of my business plan. (Not true.)

To save you the struggle I went through, I’m sharing Lex’s brand new *free* workshop training that I wish had been available when I did mine.

In Alexia Vernon’s free video training, Workshops that Wow, she will show you how to:

  • Go from barely breaking even to generating substantial revenue through workshops
  • Develop epic “experiences” that effortlessly convert workshop participants into ongoing, high-paying clients
  • Go from holding the spotlight to sharing it with your participants
  • Develop the mindset, marketing and moves to consistently sell out workshops

If giving profitable workshops is at all on your mind, in your heart, or in your business plan (or you want it to be) I can’t recommend this training highly enough. Register for Workshops that Wow now. 

Okay, now on to you…

When have you invested with an expert and seen amazing results?

Share in the comments because I’d really love to hear your success stories.

Warmth and joy,


P.S. Alexia’s free training on putting together transformational workshops goes away September 1. Click to register for free now!


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