#1 The WHY Behind Feed Your Hustle & What to Expect

#1 The WHY Behind Feed Your Hustle & What to Expect

We’re live!! After months in the making, I’m excited to announce the Feed Your Hustle Podcast is up in iTunes and ready for you to listen in!

On this first episode, I share why I’m launching this podcast and why you’re going to love it as well as my own story and how it relates to you.

You can read below or listen above.

First of all, I created this podcast based on a desperate need I see in pretty much every female entrepreneur I talk to for longer than a minute – whether it be a client, a friend, or a business coach I’m working with.

After I’ve talked about what I do, they almost always say, “well, I think I’m your ideal client.”

That’s because I KNOW you – I am you.

We are SO BUSY that eating a proper meal, working out, or even taking time for ourselves easily falls off the to-do list (or maybe doesn’t even make it on there in the first place).

One of our biggest struggles is to eat foods that will fuel our body AND our business.

Often we know what we should do, it just feels overwhelming and complicated when we’ve got so much else going on.

That’s where I come in. I help female entrepreneurs who don’t want to choose health over hustle make healthy living part of their business plan.

And I started this podcast so I could help YOU.

My strength is in simplifying kitchen time and fueling your business with powerful, nourishing plant foods so you can expect regular episodes with just you and me for guidance that gets you feeding your hustle.

We’ll go beyond food

But I strongly believe that true health and hustle goes beyond food. So, on the Feed Your Hustle podcast, I’ll also have deep conversations with established female entrepreneurs who’ve integrated healthy habits into their day-to-day business (and even during stressful events like big launches!).

We’ll talk about self-care, eating well, moving your body, time management, and the balancing act that goes on behind the scenes of your business.

In fact, most of the ladies I interview will be in the Feed Your Hustle Facebook group answering your questions after their episode. I invite you to join us – it’s a safe community space for female entrepreneurs like you to get support, accountability, and ideas from your fellow women in business.

My Story

Read on to dig into how I got here and what it means for you. Hopefully, you will emerge inspired and empowered!

Battling my weight and feeling like a victim

Growing up, I used to think that being overweight was my fate – most of the ladies in my family have some extra pounds – so I accepted it and felt like a victim when my weight started climbing in my twenties.

Not only that, but I wasn’t eating many vegetables and my diet was peppered with processed foods – not fuel for a positive mood or healthy brain. Consequently, I felt lethargic and unenergized, and pictures rarely captured me smiling.

But luckily I hit a turning point several years ago which jarred me out of my safe denial and motivated me into action.

I was visiting my grandmas house, and she has a scale in her hallway. Out of some morbid curiosity, I decided to weigh myself (I didn’t believe in scales). What followed was a wake up call when I discovered I was the same weight as my 6’2″ husband and knew I had to take action.

I let go of my victim mentality, adopted a fit, plant-based lifestyle, lost 40 pounds, and along the way, I discovered a passion for health and fitness.

From controling my body to balance not perfection

What followed is a long story which includes going too far in the other direction and becoming controlling of my body. I calorie counted every single thing I ate for two entire years and exercised 7 intense hours a week even though I wasn’t training for anything.

I finally realized that I had lost sight of the original goal which was just to be happy, and that all this body perfectionism wasn’t getting me there.

So I sought out what I like to call “balance not perfection“. I purposely gained 15 pounds so I could enjoy food again and do movement based on what feels good.

I started feeling relaxed and positive, using food as energy for the work I wanted to do in the world.

And I began to understand the connection what you eat, how you think, and how you move has to fueling hustle and creativity.

I still weight lift three days a week and eat primarily whole plant foods, but I do it because I love feeling strong, positive, and energetic.

Becoming my own boss (yikes!)

This gave me the oomph to launch my first website Healthy Vegas Vegan, leave my career as a plant scientist, and go out on my own. Also, to step out from behind the laptop and do things I never would have predicted like perform a TEDx talk and be interviewed live on the morning news.

After a couple of years, I realized that my true passion lied in supporting mission-driven entrepreneurs, change makers, and industry thought leaders. Women whose vision is so big that their own self-care frequently takes a back seat.

Eventually we all realize that taking care of ourselves actually fuels greater productivity and creativity.

The balancing act behind my business

When I worked 40-hour weeks as a government employee, it was easy for me to fit in 7 intense hours of exercise each week, eat a strict raw food diet, and spend break-time googling healthy recipes to try out on the weekend.

At the time, I drove a lot for work – I was a natural resources manager over a region the size of South Carolina – and I spent all my driving time listening to business podcasts and dreaming of the day I’d be a full-time entrepreneur.

When I finally took the leap, put in my two weeks notice, and transitioned to working as an entrepreneur, those same healthy habits were hard to hold onto. As I got sucked into long days deep within projects, my daily workouts gradually fell away until I was lucky to get three a week. Meals became a dash to the kitchen, and my “morning routine” was falling out of bed and grabbing the laptop to start work.

I was at a point where I desperately needed to integrate work with wellness. But I didn’t want to choose health over hustle.

My aha moment came when I finally applied my strategist brain to this problem and started thinking of healthy living as part of my business plan, supporting my business with powerful fuel and weaving into it in simple stress-free strategies and systems.

I invite you to make healthy living part of your business plan, and this podcast will give you the tools to do just that.

I have 13+ years of experience as a strategist, including an M.S. and 6 years working as a plant scientist for the government.

My special sauce is that I temper my naturally analytical nature with a love of minimalism. My solutions are often the simplest, NOT the most perfectly polished.

Because you don’t need another ball to juggle.

Where the Feed Your Hustle Podcast comes in

This podcast is wellness meets business. My goal is to empower you, the listener, to take small, doable actions. Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything.

I want to start a conversation around women taking care of themselves in small but significant ways. To start a slow movement of ambitious women feeding their hustle with self care, eating well, and moving their body.

And I’m so happy to have you along for the ride!

I hope you’re as fired up as I am and I look forward to getting to know each other both through this podcast and the Feed Your Hustle Facebook Group.

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What’s your hardest behind-the-scenes balancing act?

Go ahead and share it in the comments because I want to know!

Warmth and joy,


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